One Way Moving Trailer Rentals

When moving from one city to another or even to another state one way moving trailer rentals are the only financially sound option a do it yourself mover can usually afford. This will allow you to rent a trailer in say Atlanta, Georgia and transport your household goods to Houston, Texas without having to pay extra fees to get the trailer back to the original rental location. This service also works out great if you need to take a piece of equipment to a client at a distance, without having to worry about bringing the trailer home with you after the delivery is completed.

When shopping for cheap one way moving trailer rentals, make sure and read the fine print of their contracts, as companies that usually cut their profits to garner new customers will offset the loss with hidden charges that you will have to pay if the contract is not executed to their exacting specifications. If their prices look to good to be true then this should be a huge red flag, and further shopping for a rental trailer may be required. Also, when at the rental location check the trailer out thoroughly to make sure it can make the trip you need safely.

Tires, brakes, load straps, hitch condition all should be in top condition before signing the rental contract. If the company is not willing to provide you with a safe trailer for your hauling needs then find another, and do not negotiate with someone that doesn’t care about the safety of their clients or their equipment. Customer service and equipment maintenance should be the pinnacle of any one way moving trailer company. The cost of roadside repair should also be taken care of by the rental agency, so make sure you will not have any out of pocket expense if there is an equipment failure, or flat tire while the trailer is in your employ.

The best one way moving trailer companies will rotate their old stock out for new every couple of years, and when driving up to their lot, do a cursory scan of their inventory to see the general condition of their products. This will tell you volumes about the way they do business before you even speak to a sales representative. After all, you are not only trying to save money by moving your household goods yourself, but do it in a frugal, safe and timely manner as well.

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